Tik Tok Pranks That Went Too Far
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    You're pretty


    Hi i am a girl 😍😍

  • Sybil Kay 1 Brown
    Sybil Kay 1 Brown

    Love your vids sssniperwolf

  • theresa taylor
    theresa taylor

    I saw the second one already and he gets his friends to say are you ok omg

  • Aarti more
    Aarti more

    The baby omg did move!

  • Ronit Gofman
    Ronit Gofman


  • leighstovall

    Who Else Noticed That Was Circus Baby From FNAF? 7:52

  • Jamie Dan Ozga
    Jamie Dan Ozga


  • Rajesh Able
    Rajesh Able

    I saw the second one on status on youtube

  • XxMoon LightxX
    XxMoon LightxX

    2:30 in the Video the language was german 🤩😂 did anyone else notice?

  • Clock _ghost
    Clock _ghost

    … ..

  • Hannabuss family Hannabuss
    Hannabuss family Hannabuss

    I love your channel 🥰🥰😍😍😍🥰🥰😘

  • Ninja Gamers
    Ninja Gamers

    0:38 ay i saw this on snapchat 👻

  • Rajesh R
    Rajesh R


  • i love cats
    i love cats

    😂 LOL

  • Minnie Lana
    Minnie Lana

    Looks like my drawing to my dorm care looks just like that but it says it doesn’t hurt me at all

  • Elizabeth McIntyre
    Elizabeth McIntyre

    When that girl jumped I was scared

  • Allison Phumsorn
    Allison Phumsorn

    Captain america aerns trust in the gods and now he can pick up thors old hammer cause he got an axe

  • Hañta Sēro
    Hañta Sēro

    Lia: it’s April fools! Me: ARE YOU IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE WTF-

  • Leonard Williams
    Leonard Williams

    I love you!

  • Marcus Eason II
    Marcus Eason II

    SSSniperWolf: You sick and tired of your boyfriend playing your drums? *Says to blow up balloons so you look dummy thicc* Me: YO! WHAT THE H-

  • Lea

    lol that waiter acctualy asked is this coffee for you? (I know bcs im German and they speak German lol)

  • Misel Giaso
    Misel Giaso

    Who just watch SSSniperwolf everyday ❤️

  • gamer prateado
    gamer prateado

    8:20 WaLuigi was scared damn

  • feliice lilli
    feliice lilli

    my parents when i come out of my room: 8:39

  • riley dongre
    riley dongre

    i’m confused on the first one lol

  • Farris Therealgoat
    Farris Therealgoat


  • Susana Bootorabi
    Susana Bootorabi

    Hi Kim Kardashian

  • Binu C
    Binu C


  • Moonstar Chronicles
    Moonstar Chronicles

    Knowing my luck I'll get too high after pulling the Grudge prank And the printout will start moving like a real person

  • Dena Sage
    Dena Sage

    Hi I'm kimber I Love your videos 🤩😍😲❤️😻

  • Jjj Marquez
    Jjj Marquez

    You're so dumb cuz you know and remember you said the hammer has a magnet in it but and the water and one of the guys can pick it up but the other. Can that makes no sense

    • Mia-Chan

      Excuse me? It makes sense, since the dude was trying to pick it up with force, but it was magneted there. The one who had it and knew picked it up easily.

  • Brett

    You should react to “What Would You Do” ISdowns Channel

  • Liam Simovic
    Liam Simovic

    Sssniperwolf you are so cute

  • luckygeri180


  • Lakshmikanth Yada
    Lakshmikanth Yada


  • Happy Sophie Mitch
    Happy Sophie Mitch


  • Sarah Coonan
    Sarah Coonan

    Baby is haunted

  • Adipi Miyanda
    Adipi Miyanda

    Is not t true 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sergey Rogozhin
    Sergey Rogozhin

    9 0). Hbgggh.

  • Reena Tomer
    Reena Tomer

    Did u notice that indian video clip 💜💜🙆

  • Mr Ducky
    Mr Ducky

    The doll was the prank for the girl but the girl pranked him so

  • OHF Colvin
    OHF Colvin

    That's very stupid

  • corporation near Robbins lake Glee lake Glee fo
    corporation near Robbins lake Glee lake Glee fo

    The person in the car be like, " hElLo MrS. jAnKeNs, CaN i GeT a RaIsE?"

    • Mia-Chan

      Pfft lmao

  • *-Cool Gacha-*
    *-Cool Gacha-*

    The guy with the mask with his mouth Ther car dealer ship dude should have known it was a mask because He talked and his mouth would have moved

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Beatbox _King27
    Beatbox _King27

    0:05 did you notice that creepy baby in the corner moved?

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    THE BABY JUST SALUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zahra Bourgeois
    Zahra Bourgeois

    Water bed

  • Maryanne Delaney
    Maryanne Delaney

    He has a point

  • Buddyoneski

    I do

  • Me Channel
    Me Channel

    My gosh, the finger... I'm dead

  • kathryn

    Attack on titan fans where you at

  • Ceilia Evans
    Ceilia Evans

    Lia should do another dumbest people vid

  • Leonardo Barros
    Leonardo Barros

    Okkkkkk is i just me or she spit on the ballon prank

  • Jessica Wotruba
    Jessica Wotruba

    My guy he really look like the rock tho

  • Jacinda Hendricks
    Jacinda Hendricks

    Omg loll

  • Fareek

    Why she played fnaf voice lines that shit would scare me if i was him 😂

  • Bobbie Jean Crow
    Bobbie Jean Crow

    This is cursed$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Mia Stefanie
    Mia Stefanie

    🩳🥻👘🦊🦁🍊🥨🧇🥧🥮🥃🏀🏈🏵⛺️🧡🟠🔶🟧 All the orange emojis!!! Comment if I missed any!! :))))))

  • Shaymaa Haddar
    Shaymaa Haddar

    I saw that the mask thing

  • roblox_wolfs are_epic
    roblox_wolfs are_epic

    The baby dolls arm went skirt

  • Fatima Abdalla
    Fatima Abdalla

    I love u

  • Aubrey Lucero
    Aubrey Lucero

    My mom had saw that tiktok before play around her car

  • Aubrey Lucero
    Aubrey Lucero

    I saw that story tiktok before I'm not really interested in

  • Mary Mead
    Mary Mead

    He went waaaah like mario

  • Xena Steele
    Xena Steele

    at 4 mins and 55sec i saw the girl YEET her phone and it went flying! hahaha😂

  • Brady Hughes
    Brady Hughes

    Plot twist the boss dives away and doesn’t notice you

  • Poetic Robloxgamer
    Poetic Robloxgamer

    I really like ur landing things in fortnite

  • Euphoria 69
    Euphoria 69

    Oh dude

  • Austin Bell
    Austin Bell

    i love how i use to watch sssniperwolf then stopped, its good to watch it again

  • Jaxson Olsen
    Jaxson Olsen


  • Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson

    Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water it turned out Jack with mentally insane and turned around and shot her

    • Percy Jackson
      Percy Jackson

      Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water who knows what went on up there but they came down with a daughter

  • Gacha Denise
    Gacha Denise

    1:07 XD

  • tau'aika samisoni
    tau'aika samisoni

    I've seen the cappuccino prank and the plane one on tiktok 😁

  • Greenapple

    As some places tell soda and have milkshakes😂🤣

  • Greenapple

    That’s actually good to ask

  • Caleb Farrester
    Caleb Farrester

    bib you see that move

  • H H
    H H

    Awesome video rocks.

  • Jesslyn Beardy
    Jesslyn Beardy

    Today I got a fishing hook today in my hand bc I saved my dog I was scared she had it in her mouth and my other dog died bc of getting hit by a truck so I saved my dog 4 times I’m so proud even if I get bruised or cut or anything btw she almost died

  • Ambreen Anum
    Ambreen Anum

    Who else saw something come out of her mouth when she said what is that?

  • Unicorn Sprinkle
    Unicorn Sprinkle

    Ha ha ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cløudy- Bubblė-Teå-Vibeś
    Cløudy- Bubblė-Teå-Vibeś

    hey sssinperwolf do u have to be rich to have a youtube?

  • John Karlo Javier
    John Karlo Javier


  • Random ._. things
    Random ._. things

    3:36 omg the other day I did this and uhhh let's gust say that I died

  • Rave wolffzxanime
    Rave wolffzxanime

    xd i like how she said eren

  • Dina Giankoulas
    Dina Giankoulas

    Hahaha the Thor one haha

  • Elaina Lomeli
    Elaina Lomeli

    Aprilm2 was my birthday

  • Elisabeth lyrics lily
    Elisabeth lyrics lily

    lol her spit

  • Margaret Flanagan
    Margaret Flanagan

    8:18 my dad always dose that


    Nigel Nickthedodo


    Kke,,kkklm32jikk I 99oo²oodke,.kku


    The one with with Captain America holding Thor's hammer had a control that was so heavy I know it because I saw what was in his hand

  • Jeaneth Gonzales
    Jeaneth Gonzales

    5:55 Dad:Im about to end this mans whole career

  • Taleen Nabhan
    Taleen Nabhan

    The first prank the baby moved his hand and its a doll

  • Angela Richardson
    Angela Richardson

    Haunted doll in the beginning nice touch to my day😳😰😨

  • Kareem Elabbasy
    Kareem Elabbasy

    yo this video was straight JOKES lmao

  • Jay Rudy
    Jay Rudy

    Why is thare the music form leap

  • Lunarae

    Bro when she was fooled about the bed did any of you realize she had the remote and her phone that went into the water

  • SonadrawzstuffFAN


2,3 m.