Most Oddly Satisfying Video to watch before sleep
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  • Nherla Mcluckie
    Nherla Mcluckie

    Hi ima longggggggggg time watcher and a some times talker I just wanted to say I I’m kinda confused on how this is satisfying?

  • the kitten twins
    the kitten twins

    5.12 that is not durian that is jackfruit Sniper wolf

  • lukainaz

    The jelly

  • ☯Borahae BTS☯
    ☯Borahae BTS☯

    When Lia said DNA. Ever BTS ARMY remembers DNA Song. BTW How many ARMY'S are there

  • Junie hensler
    Junie hensler

    "Pls stop stretching the durian" 😂😂 It's jackfruit

  • Molly Girvan
    Molly Girvan

    For a minute I thought the background music was the Macarena

  • TheGopherGirls

    Wait I saw Sofia from dhar Mann on a cvs ad-

  • buwnyii

    I watch this almost every single DAY.

  • LIv But
    LIv But

    Is my birthday in 3 days On the Wednesday, August 4

  • its Evan not Chris😩✨
    its Evan not Chris😩✨

    I like your hair style

  • Upsetmonkey

    1:41 hello ennards uwu

  • Amanda Clark Vlog
    Amanda Clark Vlog

    I like sniperwolf allot and I Like this type of food 🍭🍦🍟🍔🥓🍗🧀🍬🍇🍜🍉🌽🍏🍣🍝🥞🥧🌮🧃🧇🍤🍛🍨🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  • Adam Many
    Adam Many

    He is right it looks more better when it's blurry

    • Adam Many
      Adam Many


  • Karin and Ryu’s channel
    Karin and Ryu’s channel

    I have a rainbow bath bomb

  • Jin ya Ng
    Jin ya Ng

    btw its not durian its jackfruit

  • Lucy Harrison
    Lucy Harrison

    The green stuff that was getting cut was Plato I think

  • Lolbit

    "oh its not a spoon" Quote lia 2021

  • Omrie Prue
    Omrie Prue

    “Satisfying more like violation of fruit”-SSsniperwolf

  • Shop BookMark
    Shop BookMark

    its the No MoRe TuLiPs for me haha

  • Premalatha Mohanan
    Premalatha Mohanan

    If I see a fancy sprinkle I will be like nope not today and boom kick that thing out UwU

  • Angila Retchy
    Angila Retchy

    The black-and-white grease histomorphometrically fence because brother annually pack pro a late taxicab. zippy, industrious hurricane

  • •The cookie lover•
    •The cookie lover•

    Ssniperwolf:don't Be shy poke it Me:Don't be shy put some more:^

  • You Children
    You Children

    Sssniperwolf: GRAB ME THAT Me: *grabs*

  • Brett Chibnall
    Brett Chibnall

    I saw this and said is it lunch time yet

  • { Apple_Random }
    { Apple_Random }

    I love the sand too

  • Jamgirlkay84

    That wasn’t durian…..that’s a Jackfruit.

  • Generic Animations
    Generic Animations

    the hair in a can is the guy in the ground

  • Akari_ Yuika
    Akari_ Yuika

    "its done, *danzo* " me: DANZO?? DANZO SHIMURA???

  • Adrianna Avillion
    Adrianna Avillion

    1:55 *Did anyone else think "Gay Man"?*

  • Alpha Plays
    Alpha Plays

    Hair in a can

  • Dariela cruz
    Dariela cruz

    SSSniper wolf: GRAB ME THAT! Me:okay Me: here

  • Kawaii_Seraphina

    Did she just call the beat a fruit?

  • Brandi Collins
    Brandi Collins

    It is Sunday

  • SB - 04WM 856073 Edenrose PS
    SB - 04WM 856073 Edenrose PS

    Was not Durian... It was jackfruit

  • Life With Princess
    Life With Princess

    You talk to much in your videos

  • ・ C A P R I C O R N ・
    ・ C A P R I C O R N ・

    I luv u and ur vids so much!

  • Evie Brunt
    Evie Brunt


  • Scott Carpenter
    Scott Carpenter

    Who watches Ssniperwolf every day

  • Paisley The human
    Paisley The human


  • marie luca
    marie luca

    I mean it's green Play-Doh

  • cibthat3

    when she said hair in a can hair in a hair i started dying idk why tho

  • Ashleigh S
    Ashleigh S

    Don’t poke the slime to hard nooooooo

  • Priscella Tucker
    Priscella Tucker

    Or try not to say wow

  • Priscella Tucker
    Priscella Tucker

    Can you do a try not to Laugh

  • MyFabJs

    I like when she says I went from five dollars 2 five hundred dollars real quick

  • Orbitishere

    u sayin some sus stuff ngl

  • EK

    I'm just like you very very sassy -_-

  • BEC Universe
    BEC Universe

    Actually sssniperwolf, that was jackfruit not a durian fruit, the jackfruit is more common here in Uganda

  • Libby Sellers
    Libby Sellers

    She was so sassy when she said cause I “highly fought that” 😂

  • Plant Kwing
    Plant Kwing

    "ItS pUrPLe"

  • Fancy Vlogs
    Fancy Vlogs

    Yes queen i loved this video

  • i love your vidoes please shoutout

  • Paulette Valiton
    Paulette Valiton

    The wrathful sofa joly x-ray because bay chemically suspect past a jumbled climb. educated, momentous flight

  • Tamara Makashvili
    Tamara Makashvili

    I laughet at let him be 0:53

  • Tamara Makashvili
    Tamara Makashvili

    I laughet at let him be 0:53

  • Sienna B
    Sienna B

    She said I always called crepes creeps Me. I think we all did

  • Baby Nora
    Baby Nora

    Nothing was satisfying

  • Evelyn Ge
    Evelyn Ge

    Lia: This video makes me hungry Me: Everything makes me hungry

  • FroggyBee

    When this video was made on my birthday😱

  • Sulema Bueso
    Sulema Bueso

    Appreciate some splinters from the snow clip

  • Cass Preston
    Cass Preston

    Ur so awesome ur so 😎

  • Jawa Almulla
    Jawa Almulla

    Hi sniper wolf I am just saying that u are so funny when u said this part ehh I was like hahahaha u are so funny (:

  • ♡︎Macke_and_Jaders♡︎

    I want sniper wolf to do a sally face once at least once 😫🖐

  • Skylar,Blaze,Pearlo and CC
    Skylar,Blaze,Pearlo and CC

    Everytime I’m sad or not feeling well I watch your videos and it makes me feel better I love your videos ❤️💜🧡💛🤍💚💙🖤

  • Grave Gridea
    Grave Gridea

    Do the sub have a face?😮

  • Tyrone Jarbandhan
    Tyrone Jarbandhan


  • Blackburn Gaming
    Blackburn Gaming

    Phrase of the day: "Laser taser"

  • Backyardians

    Me when this video ended: waaaaaaaaa

  • Lauren Jyan
    Lauren Jyan

    I thought it was a mannequin too 🤣🤣😅

  • Kyngz

    5:21 its not a durian its a jack fruit

  • Fateh Gill
    Fateh Gill

    Hey do you watch tokyo revengers

  • Georgia Hastler
    Georgia Hastler

    Omg I'm watching this on a Sunday

  • Abbie newbrook
    Abbie newbrook

    4:26 when your mom says you can’t dye your hair unless it’s the colour it was before that’s what you do

  • butter cup
    butter cup

    i clicked faster then lia saying "thats illageal" i have perfect spelling

  • Ankita Sairam
    Ankita Sairam

    The cute little clap she made ELITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Ment_.lly._1ll .
    Ment_.lly._1ll .

    Fun fact: aloe vera has poison but companies remove the poison

  • Zaron Holder
    Zaron Holder

    Not so satisfying

  • Evalyn Lloyd
    Evalyn Lloyd

    The rainbow doesn't work

  • Lynx

    Spooky scary Sunday by coryxkenshin. Satisfying sunday by sssniperwolf

  • Argie S. DeVera
    Argie S. DeVera


  • Argie S. DeVera
    Argie S. DeVera


  • Nina Durawski
    Nina Durawski

    2:09 i think its playdoh tbh

  • Alec Samuel
    Alec Samuel

    "Mm This making me hungry" *Nervous laughter* I had nuggets for lunch yesterday and then I ate a roll today, I'm starving too Lia

  • Stxrlight Gxcha
    Stxrlight Gxcha

    To whoever can blur their vision / make what they see blurry: my gang where u at 😎😎😫✨✨✨

  • blue flame
    blue flame

    Louie Vuitton cake made of chocolate leather

  • glitter lucky
    glitter lucky

    Oh cone onnnnn that “durian” is f***ing jackfruit. Personally i hate it

  • Bright GameZZZ
    Bright GameZZZ


  • Eoin Ennis
    Eoin Ennis

    You have a pet fox🤭

  • Elizabeth Afton
    Elizabeth Afton

    How did you know it was sunday-

  • Aniq Sharin
    Aniq Sharin

    It's not a durian it's a jack friut

  • Noah Dylan
    Noah Dylan

    I love you but you just talk to much

  • Denki simp ✋😌
    Denki simp ✋😌

    Can I have your number

  • Lexi

    2:46 “you could have fed a baby bird some soup but no… Okeey🥲…” -Sssniperwolf

  • Ratspotato Army
    Ratspotato Army

    My butt we Hen I poop 5:19

  • Anas Omer
    Anas Omer

    Satisfying Sunday love it

  • Deepak Verma
    Deepak Verma

    Do the meme of the vin diesel aka fom torreto

  • Abigail ogle
    Abigail ogle

    Lia: the bamboo Me : I thought that was giant asparagus

  • 🍺L U X X S T E L L A R🍺
    🍺L U X X S T E L L A R🍺

    When sssniperwolf say screww it look like screwdriver lol